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Summit to Sound is a Search & Rescue organization based in Whatcom County, Washington. Summit to Sound is a member of the Whatcom County Search & Rescue Council, and is one of the most diverse units in Whatcom County. Summit to Sound consists of several specialty groups, including the Dog Group, the Ground Group, the Swiftwater Group, the Horse Group, the ATV Group, and the EMS Group. Some members carry other rescue credentials, such as EMTs, low angle rescue, confined space rescue, and more. Each group within Summit to Sound trains to an exceptional level within their specialty in addition to the basic requirements of a good SAR responder.


Summit to Sound responds to missions in Whatcom County, mutual aid calls in Washington State, and has responded to mutual aid requests in British Columbia, Canada.


Search & Rescue is called by the Sheriff’s Department, but is an all volunteer organization that relies on the generosity of the community for donations to keep the organization running with trained personal to respond to emergencies in Whatcom County.



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Our next meeting will be April 21, 2015, at the SAR building.

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